Volunteers Ministry

Volunteers To Go (VGO) .. Ready for every good work. “a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work” 2 timothy 2: 21 


VGO team is a group of volunteers of different ages, cultures and backgrounds, but united by one goal: to embody god's love for all people in a practical way through community service. 

We love others and serve them free of charge, regardless of their backgrounds, looks, color, or religion. We believe that love is the means capable of making us closer with those we love. It heals and empathizes just as jesus was moved with compassion towards crowds he saw and as we were instructed to “love your neighbor as yourself “.

We serve the community through: 

• Employment office service: 

employment service is one of the windows which show us an important aspect of society. It is a door for every frustrated young people to knock on to find jobs, or for a retired father who supports and provides for his family, or for a daughter supporting her ill parents ... And many other stories. 
Our main role in this service besides providing job opportunities is to give hope and prayer to all whom we meet. 

• Convoys of love: 

- visit all the needy or abandoned and neglected, such as orphans, people with special needs, youths, nursing homes, hospitals and refugees...etc., spend a day with them and give them a message of hope; that they are not on their own, but that god cares about them and their needs. 

- visit the poor and marginalized areas and work of relieve them. Also, meet people, listen to them and their problems and try to solve them as well as provide a message of hope, of god’s care and love. 

- renewal of places not suitable for use (such as nurseries, orphanages, schools....) 

- the convoys for upper egypt 

Go for prayer walks in the streets of cairo to pray for the revelation of god’s glory 

Organize individual convoys through everyday life (at work, university, with neighbors or friends .... Etc.) To reflect the love of god in these places as ambassadors of light and salt in the social settings in which we operate. 

• Holidays and special occasions: 
we use holidays and occasions to go out in the streets and interact with the largest number of people to connect with them, show love and send greetings just as jesus did, touring and doing good. Examples: valentine’s day, mother's day , national holidays  and religious events.

Also, the team organizes major events; serving as organizers is not only a physical service but a spiritual one, too. We believe that our role is to prepare the way for the lord, just as john the baptist did. It is through organization service that we prepare and pave the way for divine encounters between jesus and the church. Our serving positions allow us to deal with and see all those present, giving us a great opportunity to pray and intercede for them.