House of Prayer

Sports Ministry


Sharing the life-changing principles with millions in the arab world through sports, strategic relationships and building leaders for community development.


  • standards that we set to achieve our goals and vision 
  • uprightness 
  • unity and teamwork 
  • servant leadership 
  • excellence 
  • integrated growth and balance 
  • accountability 
  • innovation 
  • biblical basis

Team history 

The sports team started in 1998 having 16 volunteers from various churches in cairo.  The first program for "reyada w botoula” was in 2000

Team events 

“Reyada W Botoula”, is a program based on biblical principles that helps christian children ages 6 to 14 years old. It occurs every two years.

“Egypt Champions”, is a program based on biblical principles that helps christian children ages 15 to 18 years, which happens every two years.

Sports Ministry School (mesls), is a program to teach leadership through sports in egypt and the middle east for trainees aged from 18 to 45 years.

Kids Games Camp: are camps targeting christian and muslim children, serving ages from 10 to 17 years.

Family Camps: is a camp for both parents and children. There are also specialized lectures for the parents to help them grow as a family through competitions between parents and their children.

Edge Games Camp: is a program for college students and graduates ages 18 to 27 years.

Pillars of Influence (POI: is a program for young people who have enthusiastic to serve through sports from all over cairo ages 17-22 years old to participate in various training events in the team.

“Count It Right” is an annual festival organized by kasr el doubara church. Our role is to facilitate sports events throughout the day.