Family Counseling

Family Counseling


Provide assistance for individuals and families to establish genuine and healthy christian families, and awareness of their problems and their struggles and help them to discover suitable ways to aid at overcoming their challenges through both psychological and spiritual aid.

This is done through: 

• seminars for engaged and married, less than five years, couples 
• counseling office 

Engaged & married couples seminar

The church has held this seminar for more than 15 years which offers the following: -

1) teachings about the most important and greatly needed topics by the engaged and married couples. It is offered in the form of lectures and interactive discussions which are provided by specialized church pastors and servants.

2) the audience is divided into small groups of families led by a service team family for discussion, dialogue and participation.

3) private sessions counseling 

Marriage course form (5 years only) 3/2/2018 - 24/3/2018 

all data on this form should be completed. It will help us form groups or else it will be excluded. 

*** filling out the form only does not mean booking your place for this course, but the priority is for those who reserve and pay the subscription in full to the registered booking representative mentioned below in the form ***