Let Your kingdom come is a ministry that is kingdom centered. It helps you live the freedom that God created you to live in, which has been robbed from us in the journey of life.

There’s a huge discrepancy between how we live and what the Lord designed for us to live, thus, through understanding the original design on which He created us to be, and God’s mind towards man, and through hearing His living voice, our way of thinking changes and the way we see God-and ourselves and life- changes, and we begin to live a new reality; the Kingdom.

We start a journey where we perceive every day the truth of who He is and who we are, and the power of this truth sets us free from the bondages and the patterns of living we got used to and it heals our wounds.

In our journey we don’t only invite Him to lead our lives and bring the best out of us but He also invites us to live with Him in the kingdom of the Son of His love, to behold His glory and to be conformed to His image.