Vision: Our vision is based on the Church’s vision: “For the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the water covers the sea”. We desire to build a generation of youth who know the Lord and become His disciples that witness to other youth about Christ and who are able through Him to change the society. Youth ministry at KDEC aims at raising a generation of disciples for Jesus Christ whose hearts are filled with love. The different age groups’ meetings flow in harmony with the sub-meetings to attain the same goal.


KDEC youth ministry is divided into 4 main sectors:


  1. Teams:
  • Worship team: a team that seeks to love the Lord with all of the heart and worship Him with everything. The team dedicate themselves to the Lord through singing and playing music.
  • Crew: this is the usher team which is responsible for welcoming people and organising everything in the youth meeting and the ensuing big events  of the ministry
  • Media Team: is responsible for all social media tools, advertisement and the offered services
  • Prayer team: is the team responsible for leading all prayer times at the meetings and the big events.
  1. Ministries:


  • Outreaches: a practical teaching tool for the youth through going out to the society on the ground and activating all that they learnt in the schools of evangelism.
  • Know your Book: that’s a journey of studying the Old and New Testaments and their stories to know God and His plan throughout the whole Bible. 
  • Compass: that’s the place where people from all backgrounds can ask all questions about God and life, and from here we begin a search compass journey for the truth with the seekers.
  • Kiosk: a safe place where you can ask and think freely 
  • Community services: this ministry seeks to develop the Egyptian society outside the church walls through looking after the orphans, the sick and needy. Youth of all ages from preparatory to college students carry out this ministry.
  • Sports team: sharing the gospel message through sports besides looking after one’s physical health


  1.  Discipleship groups: these are discipleship groups for new believers from preparatory, secondary and college stages to get discipled and live as disciples of Jesus; to also understand how to become one body. Within the groups we also provide 4 courses called: “leading like Christ” and they aim to teach new believers about discipleship and leadership and how to become a successful leader.  


  1. Meetings: 
  • New Cairo weekly youth meeting: Monday 6-9pm
  • Wadi life: this is a follow up program for some sports camps at Beit El Wadi
  • Preparatory meeting: it’s a meeting for preparatory stage that takes place every Friday 1-3pm
  • Secondary and College meeting: that’s the general youth meeting and it takes place every Friday from 6-8pm



  1. We are all one
  2. There’s a place for you
  3. Sincerity
  4. We change
  5. I am not my own


For information:

Phone number:01225353441