Dr. Rev. Sameh Maurice Tawfik

Dr. Rev. Sameh Maurice Tawfik
Senior Pastor of Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church

 Dr. Rev. Sameh Maurice is the senior pastor of Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church, the largest church in Egypt, which holds the biggest network of ministries in the Middle East.

A former prominent surgeon, Dr. Sameh Maurice was always involved in ministry through his medical career. In 1988, he was fully persuaded that full-time ministry was God’s call upon his life. He led his church to pray for Egypt since the early 1980s with the focus of a unified Egyptian church always on his mind. His heart is for local churches revival that springs with an overflow that prepares the way for a nationwide Harvest in Egypt.

  • Bet El Wadi, was a dream adopted by Rev Sameh who always imagined the establishment of a commodious social services center. Construction started in the year 2000. Bet El Wadi is now hosting major evangelical, sports and training events, as well as worship conferences.
  • In 2000, he pioneered the sports ministry in Egypt and the Middle East, as an effective ministry tool.
  • In 2008, Rev Sameh developed the School of Christ teaching series which is aired on Christian channels and social media networks engaging millions in the Arab World, Europe, Australia, and the U.S. School of Christ teaching series is now translated into sixteen different languages upon the request of many followers.
  • With the advent of the 2011 Egyptian revolution, Rev Sameh opened the church to be a field hospital to the wounded revolutionists flowing from Tahrir square, the heart of the revolution and the place where the church resisdes.
  • In 2016, Rev Sameh established the “Days of Harvest” church planting movement in Egypt. With the vision of being a church in a mission towards other churches to assist them in mobile evangelism, discipleship, prayer and leadership training.
  • In the same year, Rev. Sameh received an Honorary Doctorate from Nyack College, in recognition of his dedicated service to enhance the spirit and medical needs for the community.
  • In 2017, many home cell-groups started to grow under his personal supervision. New churches are now planted in several areas in Cairo, the Capital of Egypt.
  • Rev Sameh wrote two books on spiritual foundations and one book for married couples.
  • Sameh is a Co-founder of the Global Kingdom Partnership Network. A global network of pastors who are like minded learning together, growing together and working together to enlarge the kingdom of God in our generation.


Rev Sameh is married to Dr. Imane Kheir and has three sons and three grandchildren.