Ministry goal

Raising awareness about how to raise children in order to build the child’s character on good and healthy foundations, for we thrive to serve the society through the church.

Ministry calling:


“He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents” ( Malachi 4:6)


Ministry activities:

  • Coaching: we hold meetings to raise the parents’ awareness and to help them solve the problems they encounter in raising their children.
  • Lectures and meetings: we discuss many requested repetitive problems and issues in order to find solutions that facilitate the children’s raising up process, which is conducive of emotionally healthy children.
  • Workshops: we carry out meetings where parents can exchange their experiences and share their problems to reach simple and practical solutions that can be easily applied in the daily life, as well as come up with new ideas, and discuss new studies that help parents enjoy the process of raising up their children.
  • Various resources  

Ministry start date:1/1/2020