Church History


In January 1940, the Evangelical Synod of Delta founded a new church in cairo. People of this new church are to meet in the hall owned by the nile mission editorial house in downtown Cairo. Rev. Ibrahim Said, one of the most eloquent preachers, was elected, at the time, pastor of this church in march of the same year.
Due to the growing number of attendees in this Nascent Church, there was an urgent need for a large building. In December 1941, a palace overlooking the place now called “Tahrir Square” was purchased, in order to build a new church in its place. That palace overlooked a beautiful garden. It was and still is un-authorized to build churches anywhere in Egypt without a personal signature of the king or president, therefore there was a need for a permit to build the church.


King Farouk, King of Egypt at that time, signed the authorized statement to build the church on the 11th of March 1944 after being requested to do so by his personal teacher, “Ahmed Hassanein Pasha” at the time Ahmad Hassanein Pasha was studying in England and had resided in the house of the Rev. Alexander White, the great preacher and author of many books about the biblical characters. When he died, Dr. White’s wife decided to travel on a trip around the world. In Egypt, the king’s mentor, “Ahmed Hassanein Pasha”, took her to meet Rev. Ibrahim Said, who then asked him for permission to build the church and asked for Ms. White to see the signed authorization by the king before she left.


The church’s construction started in December 1947 and completely finished in 1950. Rev. Ibrahim Said, dedicated preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ – He was the founding minister of Kasr el Doubara Church, Cairo, Egypt. President Gamal Abdel Nasser visited the church on easter day in 1955, and was welcomed by the Rev. Ibrahim Said.


Rev. Dr. Menis Abdel Nour was elected pastor of the church in October 1975 to succeed its founder, Rev. Ibrahim Said. On March 21, 2008 Dr. Rev. Menis Abdel Nour requested to retire from his position as a senior pastor but was asked to remain a lifelong pastor emeritus for the church.