Church Beliefs

God created man in his own image and in his own likeness. Man was not created by an unknown force or emerged as an evolution from another being. He was created by God out of true, generous, bountiful and divine love in order to bring Him complete happiness through the living relationship between Him and man, and between man and his fellow man as well as between man and creation. Man is invited to become similar to the image of the Son, Jesus Christ.

Sin is not a thing but a voluntary stance resulting from a voluntary and enlightened being. The first sin of Adam and Eve was an act of disobedience and rebellion against the declared commandment of god. it was an attempt for independence from God, for separating oneself and for self-deification “be like God”. Thus sin entered our world and affected humans spiritually, psychologically and physically and thus in their relationship with God, themselves, society and creation. It is not possible for a person to save himself from the state of corruption in which He has become.

God, who is rich in mercy, made a grace covenant, before all ages, with His only Son, because of his infinite love for the world. In it, the Son became a substitute of sinners and mediator between them and god who guarantees a perfect proper salvation for all of them. All those who accept this salvation are born a new birth, are returned to communion with God; they are granted a desire to leave sin and they become heirs of eternal life.

The redemption and salvation of Christ is enough for all mankind in which all people can take refuge from the just judgment of God. Only those who have repentance and faith can obtain forgiveness and new life under the cover of Christ’s grace and His redemption. Those who do not accept these have to face God’s fair judgment.

The church is the community of the faithful devotees united together in the lord. it is not the building in which the Lord’s people gather to pray and worship. Its role is that it witnesses to the world embodying the work of Christ in order to repair the ravages of sin and is also the tool god uses to replenish and build the believers.

Water baptism in the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Spirit is obligatory by which man proclaims his membership in church and refers to union with Christ, renewal of the spirit, forgiveness of sins and our pledge to live for the lord.

The Lord’s supper is the duty of the communion and union with Christ and those who consume it by faith become part of the lord’s body and his blood, for their edification in grace.

Christ will come a second time in person powerfully visible and with great glory. His coming proclaims the completion of the kingdom of God. We do not know and cannot determine or set the time of this coming. Christ and the apostles had pointed out many of the signs that would precede this coming. These signs might be consecutive, contemporary or repetitive, but they must all occur before the second coming.

God will raise the bodies of all the dead, the righteous and the wicked. the righteous will be resurrected but the wicked will be damned. the bodies of those who have died and the bodies of believers who are alive at His coming will change and become in the image of the body of His glory.

God, who is the only one able to examine the hearts, will judge the world in Jesus Christ. the evil will be judged for their corruption and sin which does not excuse them and thus they go to eternal torment. the righteous will appear before the judgment seat, but they will be pardoned and forever accepted by God in Christ and are rewarded according to their works by his grace.

Christianity: is the relationship with the person of the loving God, the Son Jesus Christ the redeemer and savior, the work of the holy spirit who dwells in us, fills us, and leads us to unite with God.

Christian Faith: it is not a traditional, a rational, or an emotional faith. It is the “saving faith” that saves man and encompasses life through experience, mind, sense, and well-being”

God is one, living, self-existent being. He is perfect in thought, feeling, and will. He is also eternal; has no beginning and no end; omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.

God is spirit, does not have a physical body that can be seen, touched or reached by the human senses; thus He is far above what the rest of creation submits to from transformation, change, division, and restrictions.

One God is self-existent, speaking his word, alive in His spirit, is three persons who are equal in glory and majesty. They are inseparable because their divine essence is indivisible; not three Gods, but one God, each of these persons of the Holy Trinity is in itself God and their roles are distinct for each. God is all-powerful, and almighty, but God chooses to yield His power and His might to His love and His goodness.

Christ, the second person of the trinity, has two complete full natures. He is fully God and fully human; both united in one person and never separated. His deity was never separated from His humanity for one moment or a blink of an eye; as God incarnate, He is the only mediator between God and men, and by which we must be saved.

The holy spirit, the third person of the trinity, is God himself and has his very same character; He is equal to God the Father and the Son and does all the works of God. He is not an effect or a divine power, is credited with all the characteristics of a person such as the mind and knowledge, and feelings of love and grief. He dwells in us, fills us and gives us His fruit, which is a sure sign of the Holy Spirit fullness. He we also enjoy the natural and supernatural talents.

The bible has two parts; the old testament (39 books) and the new testament (27 books). It is God’s living word that is inspired by him. God revealed ideas to the writers of the bible about what He wants to lead them to his people, leaving the writer a great deal of freedom in the use of his style and tools to deliver this message protecting the real message and author from error by the work of the Holy Spirit. This book has the full and absolute authority that has to be fully obeyed submitted to.

God takes care of the universe including all living beings and things. Care is God’s way of dealing with all creation; He has created the universe to control, keep, protect and drive it to perfect its purpose and message for which it was created. divine care truthfully and surely drives all things and beings every day through a variety of and various ways; direct and indirect, which cares for the children of God and tends to their circumstances and enriches them with goodness, generosity and kindness in a marvelous way.

God works miracles throughout history, yesterday, today and tomorrow. The age of miracles is not over yet. A miracle is not only proof of authenticity of the message, but it is considered as a proclamation and declaration. Its presence has always been associated with this declaration or proof of the verity of the author of this message.