This is a program that is based on child care and it runs in the marginalised poor communities to serve children. It is one of the authentic ministries of KDEC, that was founded on its vision, to reach the most needy areas.

The ministry operates on a “one for one” concept, meaning that there’s a sponsor committed to a specific child with a monthly fixed pledge. Both the sponsor and the child are to be connected through the ministry: the sponsor receives updates on the child, along with a photo for him/her once a year from the management of the ministry, and the sponsor also receives a letter from the child twice a year, and he can correspond with the child anytime. A person can sponsor more than one child but a child can’t have more than one sponsor.


You can join this ministry by choosing to sponsor a child. If you’re interested please contact us on the following numbers: +201066400884 +201279032629 

or by sending an email to the following addresses:


On the ground, KDEC carries out the ministry through partnerships with the local churches in the most needy villages. The local church is a main partner and executor of the program through its volunteers, while KDEC provides the financial and technical resources necessary for the whole program. These resources include training the volunteering team, supplying them with educational & upbringing materials to teach the children, and it also follows up on the process to ensure that the program is being executed in the best possible way on the ground.